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In your entire LIFE, TIME is the only resource that is limited & our USP is to SAVE, EARN or even MULTIPLY your Time by AUTOMATING your complete BUSINESS & LIFE using the POWER of IT (Innovation Technology).

Catering almost to every Industry our Services include the smallest WhatsApp Automation till the Giants CRM Automation, we cater to Professionals to the Enterprise level. In short, we serve anyone & everyone who values their TIME over MONEY

AUTOMATE beyond Imagination

From the house of Growern comes another fund that has been crafted by our experts using AI-based analysis and prediction models.

The fund’s objective is to help you generate long-term capital appreciation by picking companies that have MOAT and show great future earnings potential.

This is an open-ended multi-cap equity scheme that invests selectively across the small-cap, mid-cap, and large-cap stocks.

Large cap
Mid cap
Small cap

Why AUTOMATE from STARZ Ventures?


GROWERN is a diversified equity fund and we invest in companies across market capitalisation. Never put all your eggs in the same basket.

Terrific Returns

Our multi-cap fund aims to provide greater long-term returns than the average rate of inflation. A track record of 13.9% over 10 years speaks for itself.

Risk Mitigation

We invest only in companies that have great track record and a strong MOAT and when the market is too volatile, we will switch to debt.


As an open ended fund you can take your money out at any time. No lock ins and No exit load. However we recommend staying in for the long term.

Marketing, Sales or Operations; we've got it Automated 😉

WhatsApp Automation

Communicate with your customers like a PRO & see how they fall in LOVE with your Company


1Page Automation

Measure conversions & set goals

Experiment with multiple landing pages.

Funnel Automation

Easy to build

Easy to publish

Load blazing fast in mobile devices

Why STARZ Ventures?



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"A Small Automation of your Business & Life can save upto 3 years"

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